Day One

Work started early to set up all the various bits and pieces needed for the excavation to run well. We had to move all the tools, tables, chairs and other equipment to the site and set up a working space in the container, to allow us to ‘host’ visitors to the site properly. The souter rain is easy to access by car, as it lies just next to the Ness Cemetery, Cladh Nis.




Heras safety fencing was set up around the WW2 look-out post, to prevent access to the souter rain when we weren’t on site. Other health and safety concerns were sorted out too, such as tying safety notices to the fencing, and securing the portaloo.

With these important (but a bit boring) things out of the way, we could crack on with removing some of the spoil from the inside of the WW2 look-out post. We decided to excavate this spoil in 10cm thick ‘spits’, with all the soil being served for any modern rubbish. And there was plenty! Broken glass bottles, a margarine tub (?), bits of wire, old rubber gloves, all detritus which has built up over the past 50 years since the tunnel was backfilled.